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Piab, Robotic Gripping

SAS Automation is pleased to announce the addition of modular gripper components specifically for tool builders to better understand their “green” tooling options for reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing cycle times. The system identifies three types of EOAT systems:

Green EOAT System – most efficient and safest Decentralized vacuum EOAT using vacuum cups mounted directly to the GGE/GGS… V manifold with integrated vacuum cartridge. Since the vacuum is being generated at the cup location there are no vacuum losses due to fitting connections. This allows you to use smaller vacuum generators and cups to generate the same amount of lifting force with much less vacuum flow required. This system provides a much “greener”, safer, and more cost-effective approach for certain applications in comparison to other methods such as these:

Yellow EOAT System - efficient Centralized vacuum manifold with a single vacuum generator servicing 4 vacuum cups. Since this system has manifolds and fitting connections between the vacuum cups and vacuum source, there will be vacuum losses in the system. This system can still be desirable on flat smooth parts where little vacuum is lost at the cup.

Orange EOAT System – less efficient Centralized vacuum system utilizing a vacuum pad and vacuum pump. The vacuum pad has an array of holes that draw vacuum through the vacuum chamber in the pad. The vacuum seal on the part can be made using vacuum cups or a closed cell foam. This system draws the highest vacuum flow.

“Our new modular off-the-shelf solution gives tool builders more choices in selecting vacuum systems based on both application and efficiency. We are especially pleased to bring the SAS GFD 1/4 MINI Vacuum Manifold option that allows for mounting of both standard vacuum generation systems and cups onto SAS’s gripper arms and frame profile; one of the most efficient choices that localize the vacuum at each cup or pad,” said Robert Dalton, General Manager for SAS Automation.

Model: EOAT



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