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PASvisu Visualization Software - Your Automation at a Glance

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

With the web-based visualization software PASvisu, Pilz launches a high-performance yet simple to use software package for operating and monitoring. The company has developed a platform-independent visualization package based on the latest web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. PASvisu is operated intuitively and provides design freedom for projects: it gives users of Pilz control solutions a complete view of their plant. With PASvisu, Pilz is underlining its claim as a complete safe automation supplier.

The software enables visualization projects to be created and configured simply using the PASvisu Builder. Access to all the data in an automation project, including all process variables and OPC namespaces, means there is no need to enter and assign variables manually, a process that is prone to errors. Information such as the project's check sum or the firmware version of the controller head module can also be called up, for example.

Individual visualization via tiles
Selectable styles via CSS3 provide a uniform, consistent image across the project at the click of a mouse. Pre-defined graphic input and display elements, called tiles, already provide all the relevant properties, such as prefix, suffix and error status. There is no need to create and group individual elements manually. The tile is positioned on the configuration page simply via drag and drop and is then filled with the relevant data. Even as the variable name is typed in, the variable is automatically filtered out and simultaneously linked to the tile. That way projects can be handled quickly and without error.

Graphical block diagnostics and simulation
Other miscellaneous information needed in the visualization project is also processed automatically. Changes in the automation project are synchronized automatically and displayed in the PASvisu Builder. Thanks to automatic synchronization, users are always working with the latest project status. Offline simulation can also be used: without access to the control system, configuration is simplified using a special offline variable editor, which can be used to set and display values.

Remove access via web
PASvisu uses the latest standardized Internet technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to expand the functionality of the visualization projects: pre-defined JavaScripts are available for calculations or scalings. As a result, users can shorten engineering time significantly and save costs. As HTML5 is used, access is cross-platform and is possible via almost any end device such as PC, tablet or smartphone in the respective web browser. As an example, this facilitates remote maintenance that is based on genuine Client-Server functionality. As a result, remote maintenance can be separated from on-site operation, helping to reduce downtimes.

For more information on these products, visit our website, or contact Felicia Caponi, Marketing Manager, Pilz Automation Safety, L.P., f.caponi@pilzusa.com, +1 (734) 392-0211.

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