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Streamline Hood

RoboVent Solutions Group

The RoboVent Streamline Hood is a simple solution for enclosing robotic welding cells. This modular hood system covers a welding cell and captures the weld fumes for conveyance through the duct work system to the connected collector. In the collector, weld fumes are sent through high-efficiency Endurex filters, removing airborne contaminants and returning cleaner air to the plant. Strike plates offer a level of spark protection, or an option Hood Delta3 can be built right for ultimate spark arrestance.

The Streamline Hood is installed on site, and is custom sized to exactly fit over the weld cell it covers. Recent advances have made the hood slimmer and more efficient, taking up less space while delivering major benefits. As with previous models, the hood can accommodate single or multiple robot systems with a variety of configurations, including turntable, Ferris wheel or headstock/tallstock. The unit's low profile is perfect for facilities with overhead cranes. A clear top allows light into the enclosure. Interior cross-supports can accommodate lighting fixtures. And everything is built with RoboVent quality for exceptional durability.

This convenient system ships flat for easy transport, delivery and storage. The modular design uses economical standardized parts that can be easily assembled, disassembled and reused. Installation and modifications are quick and easy.

Model: SLH-1010



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