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RoboVent Solutions Group

With patent-pending eTell™ Intelligent Controls from RoboVent, they’ll tell you what they need and when they need it. It’s not about preventative maintenance—it’s about predictive maintenance.

eTell eliminates costly and time-consuming maintenance routines and targets your efforts where they are truly needed. Just install the cloud-based software to your device, and let it tell you what needs to be done each month, or in real time. It will even tell you how to perform maintenance activities with easy-to-follow video instructions delivered right when you need them. For an additional cost, a touch-screen interface can be mounted directly onto your equipment.

eTell is the only control system that is:

  • Predictive: eTell can predict exactly how much life is left in your filters and when maintenance tasks should be performed based on your system use patterns.
  • Cloud-based: Our cloud-based application gives you anywhere, anytime visibility for all of your equipment from multiple facilities on a single application.
  • Smart: eTell learns your systems and processes and makes real-time adjustments to save energy and extend filter life.

The eTell Advantage

  • Eliminate standard preventative maintenance routines and schedules.
  • Cut maintenance costs by focusing only on what is actually needed.
  • Access step-by-step video instructions so your team can perform maintenance activities without prior training.
  • Track performance, energy use and maintenance needs for all of your dust collectors on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Save money with smart software that learns your processes and adjusts energy use and self-cleaning cycles to reduce operational costs.




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