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New mySAS app

SAS Automation, Part of the Piab Group

The mySAS app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows SAS customers to find, buy and manage EOAT component inventory from any smartphone or mobile device. The foundation of a larger family of online services that make doing business with SAS easier, the mySAS app works in tandem with the SAS inventory management program by including the myToolBox feature, custom cabinet or storage bin labels and barcode scanner for quick component access.

The mySAS app is designed at its core to make inventory management more convenient than ever before by being an all-in-one tool. The app includes the myToolBox feature to help manage SAS component inventory and stocking levels, and even recommends reorder quantities based off order history and usage. Purchasing EOAT components is easy thanks to an integrated barcode scanner that facilitates quick reading of SAS EOAT component labels for cabinets and other storage bin systems. For more information visit https://www.sas-automation.com



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