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Trapped Key Interlocks for Machine Guarding Lockout/Power Isolation

Tapeswitch Corporation

Simple To Complex Machinery Guarding Solution

From a simple to complex machine guarding, Tapeswitch Corporation offers a full product line of trapped keys for both power isolation and machine guarding - lock-out components, which are selected based on your machinery application requirements, power isolation type, access point structures doors, hatches, gates, control panel lock-out, and power isolationand trapped key access lock-out component configuration.

Trapped Key Interlocks are a machine guarding solution for the control of hazardous energy, eliminating the need for a procedural lockout tag out system and are approved for such use in the US under the ANSI standard Z244.1 - Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods).

Basic Machine Guarding Components:

Access: The AIE is a double key, stainless steel, access interlock suitable for machine guarding on hinged and sliding doors, gates and fences.

Power: The KS - power safe electrical switch is a key driven electrical switch suitable for the isolation or switching of low (20, 32, 63 or 150A) current.

Multiple Point Access: The key exchange units, such as X, Y, Z are for multiple access point machine guarding.

Complex Machinery Guarding Solutions - Components For Different Machinery Types and Power
The trapped key interlock product line is extensive, providing solutions for both power interlocking and control circuit interlocking, machinery with different power sources, even pneumatic and hydraulic, machinery with fixed or variable run-down times, different environments, full access control (meaning a person can’t be locked in access areas if gate is shut because the machine’s key is needed to start the interlocking process), and robotic machine guarding (where access must be restricted to the end of a cycle).

Industrial - Durable Components
The product line is well engineered and offers the competitive advantage of integrating unique key code configurations, heavy weight mechanical components, durable stainless steel keys and other safety guard accessories, such as key caps for extra protection from particulates, which can deter the mechanisms of the lock in normal conditions in most trapped key product lines.

Model: Power Isolation - Access -Single or Multiple Gate



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