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Safety Pressure Mats

Schmersal Inc.

Safety pressure mats are used to safeguard personnel around machinery with hazardous movement, such as wood processing machines or robotic arms. They provide a slip free surface that is highly resistant to chemicals such as acids, caustic solutions, oil, and gasoline. Schmersal offers two safety pressure mat series: SMS4 The SMS 4 series is connected to the floor by means of an aluminum profile and special corner sections. As a result of the beveled form of the profile, tripping hazards are avoided. The aluminum profile additionally serves as edge protection, when fork-lift trucks or other floor conveyors drive over the safety mats. The aluminum trim extends each edge by 62mm beyond the active area of the mat. SMS5 The SMS 5 series features a ramp profile directly molded to the active surface of the safety mat. The ramp profile helps avoid tripping hazards and eliminates the need for the aluminum trim. Each edge of the mat is extended by 35mm beyond the active area. Both series of mats are available in 6 standard sizes, but can be customized to individual application requirements - color, dimensions, special shapes, or tread patterns. They meet the requirements of control category 3 (EN 954-1) when used with a Schmersal SRB 301HC Safety Controller.

Model: SMS 4 & SMS 5



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