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Soft Robotics Solutions for Bakery

Soft Robotics Inc.

Soft Robotics Automation Solutions for Bakery
Primary and secondary handling and packing of raw and finished baked goods presents a significant challenge in bakery automation.  The wide variety of objects, the gentle nature of the products, and the need to preserve delicate crusts and frostings has resulted in large segments of the bakery value chain that are not addressed by traditional robotic gripping technology.

Soft Robotics Inc. has leveraged their proprietary technology to produce robotic end-of-arm tools that can handle bakery goods without product damage, are cleanable, and operate at the pick rates necessary to deliver a return on your automation investment.


  • Soft Robotics enables standard industrial and collaborative robots to interact with the widest range of addressable objects
  • Turnkey integration with all commercially available robots and robotic controllers
  • High picking speed and precision placement deliver high operational throughput to meet rate requirements
  • Manufactured with FDA approved materials to facilitate food handling and packaging applications
  • The ability to rapidly develop and deliver custom tooling will enable you to solve the most difficult automation challenges



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