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Multilam Contact Band Technology for Tool Changers

Stäubli Electrical Connectors, Inc.

Among the countless types of electrical connectors from signal currents up to extremely high currents, Multilams have stood out for many years on the strength of excellent performance. The MC-Multilam system, the cornerstone of MC contact technology, has virtually unlimited applications due to its design flexibility and advanced features. The Multilam forms a contact cage inserted between two contact surfaces. Made as either torsion or leaf spring contact elements, the Multilam contacts the two surfaces at a large number of points, each of which acts as a "bridge" for passage of current. Multilams are made of stamped and specially shaped hard drawn copper beryllium. They are heat treated and usually silver, gold or nickel plated. They have high current-carrying capacity in continuous and intermittent operation and perform very reliably over a broad temperature range. Multi-Contact offers contact bands for male and female cylindrical connectors or flat contact configurations. Multilam contact bands are also well suited for sliding contact interfaces, which require either linear or rotary movements. Contact elements with the capacity to compensate large tolerances and angular misalignment are also available. Features: •Minimal contact resistance •Minimal voltage drop •High current density •High number of contact points •Self-cleaning •Built to exact tolerances •Minimal power loss Benefits •Reduction in heat build-up •Energy savings •Low maintenance •Consistency over thousands of mating cycles •Savings in material costs •Prolonged product life



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