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Generation High-speed SCARA Robots

Stäubli Robotics

This next generation robotic line features 100% Stäubli design and engineering, and are among the fastest commercially available SCARA robots in the industry. Stäubli’s high performance benchmarks of speed, rigidity and precision are exemplified by this series which includes the; TS40, TS60 and TS80 with a range of 400mm, 600mm, and 800mm reach and a payload of up to 8kg. This represents a 30% increase in performance and higher inertia capabilities over the previous RS series of robots. All TS series robots feature four-degrees of freedom, a hardened plastic external housing and electric servo-driven motors for reliability. These robots utilize the CS8C controller which features a compact lightweight design and is the most technologically advanced controller ideally suited for applications that require complex process control. The CS8C utilizes the VAL3 programming language which is perfectly adapted to robotics and features numerous possibilities to communicate with the outside world including several different Fieldbus options, Ethernet, ModBus, and an offline programming software package (SRS) for ease of integration and use. The TS series is highly adaptable and well suited for a wide variety of high speed and precise applications including pick and place, material handling, packaging, assembly, loading, testing, and dispensing. These new robots increase productivity and throughput without giving up valuable floor space making them ideal for food, pharmaceutical / medical device, PV, automotive, electronics, and many other industrial market segments.

Model: TS Series



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