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Stericlean Robot

Stäubli Robotics

The new Staubli 6-axis Stericlean robot is a fully VHP (H202) resistant robot. Suitable for the VHP (H202) sterilization process, it can fully automate operations in an isolator or cleanroom environment. Additional features include special surface treatment of the arm and specialized lip seals. The Stericlean represents a major innovative breakthrough in efforts to automate processes within isolators to eliminate repetitive motion concerns as well as overcome contamination potential, inconsistency, and throughput issues that impact quality and productivity when human operators pierce an aseptic space. Designed to protect both personnel and products, the Stericlean robot will withstand corrosive H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) used during regular sterilization processes by employing complex surface coatings and full encapsulation. The technology eliminates restrictive enclosures and problems related to glove ports and heavy mechanical arms, plus other factors that undermined previous attempts at using robotics with isolator systems. “Shadow areas,” or surfaces on and under the device that might otherwise elude the vaporized hydrogen peroxide, can now be effectively sterilized because the robot is deliberately and methodically moved during sterilization.

Model: CS8C



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