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TP80 Fast Picker

Stäubli Robotics

Easy to clean and lubricated by food-grade oil, Stäubli robots are a match for the most stringent of hygiene specifications and are ideal for packaging and sorting exposed food.

The TP80 Fast Picker has redefined the whole concept of a high-speed robot – the human eye finds it difficult to keep up with its extremely fast pick and place sequences.  At the same time, the TP80 has been designed and built for clean, consistent performance.  The four-axis machine can operate across large work spaces with a diameter of up to 1.6 meters and boasts an impressive repeatability of ±0.05 millimeters. Even after many thousands of hours of operation, there is no loss of precision. This kinematic design with its rigid structure virtually excludes wear resulting from continuous operation.

The new LINEmanager load-sharing software makes the TP80 into an all-round market-beating solution. The tool is designed for those highly complex sorting and packing tasks on a conveyor belt where nothing less than a 100% reliable solution for picking, sorting and packing on lines with multiple robots will suffice. The software package manages the total synchronization of the line by precisely coordinating the speed of all the robots and of the feed and discharge conveyors.



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