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TXPlastics Robots

Stäubli Robotics

Plastics robots Stäubli Robotics offers increased productivity solutions for the molding shop, with a growing range of six axis robots, developed in consultation with both injection molding companies and system integrators operating in the plastics sector. The Plastics range of robots is capable of offering the ideal solution for all automation requirements. Six axis robots provide all the advantages of the simple Cartesian systems (high speed, slim forearm and simple programming) but have none of the limiting features that restrict the incorporation of additional tasks. Plastics range robots excel on products where additional operations are required, for example, in mold decoration and labeling, insert loading, assembling and fitting components, precision stacking or packaging. The molded part can also be trimmed, desprued, reoriented and loaded directly into the output container by the robot. The robot can even be programmed to service, within the cycle time, two adjacent IMMs.

Model: TXPlastics Series



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