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VAL product solutions, a suite of plug-and-play market solutions, perfectly adapted for all end users.

Stäubli Robotics

VALproducts, a modular software suite of unique, application-specific tools; VALproducts includes VALhsm, VALplast, VALtending and PaintiXen software. All feature an easily integrated open architecture and real-time interface for simple connection to external control systems. Highly user-friendly, these plug-and-play solutions enable users to perform programming and operations directly on the control pendant. VALhsm focuses on simplifying the use of robotics in machining, and is compatible with the entire Stäubli range of 5- and 6-axis robots. With a dedicated user interface, the software enables operators to easily manage cutting parameters, create and manage multiple part references, and manage automatic tool changers.

VALplast, designed for injection molding machine loading and unloading operations, simplifies robot control and programming, bringing greater autonomy to mold creation and management. The software also maximizes productivity by allowing the operator to change parameters without stopping production.

VALtending software is designed to simplify the use and programming of robots in machine load/unload and pick and place operations. With a dedicated user interface, VALtending eases robot manipulation for operators, allowing them to easily create and manage different part references as well as change parameters without stopping production.

PaintiXen painting control software simplifies the application of conventional and electrostatic powder and liquid paints. Features include a tool for flow control, and a circle function that makes it possible to generate curves and circles. There are also new swing, overspray and plane functions, all geared to optimizing control and lowering consumption.

All software within the VALproducts line includes safety features such as homing mechanisms to return to the safe position, cycle recovery management capability, door access management and password-controlled access levels.  As automation continues to be implemented on an ever-widening scale across all industrial sectors, Stäubli is committed to meeting the need for increased throughput, less waste and minimal downtime with more precise yet easy-to-use solutions for programming and control of robotics applications.

Model: VALhsm, VALplast, Valtending, PaintiXen



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