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NEW PCU Programmable Safety Control Unit

Tapeswitch Corporation


The New Programmable Safety Control Unit (PCU) For Mutiple Safety Devices, Machinery Locations, Programmable Logic Control Functions. 

...and A NEW Solution for  Cost Effective Upgrades of Safety Relays or Safety Device Control Unit Addition to Existing PLC Systems.

Machine Builder Solution: Integrate Multiple Safety Devices, Programmable Logic Control, Multiple Machinery Locations  

The  Programmable  Control Unit (PCU)  from Tapeswitch Corporation is a versatile and cost effective solution to upgrade traditional safety relays, capable of integrating multiple machine safety devices, programmable logic control functions of those devices, and multiple machinery locations.   


Tapeswitch Corporation’s strategy is to introduce a machine safety control unit that assists the machine builder/rebuilder with a fully programmable safety control unit. The PCU is a versatile and cost effective solution to solve applications in the market, such as upgrading traditional safety relays to a safety control unit that is programmable, capable of handling multiple safety devices, programming of logic control functions for those devices for simple through complex machien safety/guarding applications, handling multiple machinery locations and offering additional expansion capabilities.  Tapeswitch Corporation also offers an  PCUEU/1 expansion unit for adding multiple Tapeswitch fail–safe sensors. 

Machine Builder Solution: Integrate Multiple Safety Devices, Programmable Logic Control, Multiple Machinery Locations 

Multiple Machine Safety Device Capability 

Tapeswitch Corporation is offering a new PCU safety control units that is a modular series of machine safety control units making machine safety integration easier and programmable with logic control functions for all your safety devices, such as multiple combinations of mats, edges, bumpers, laser scanners, light curtains, non-contact safety switches, photocells, mechanical switches, emergency stops, and two hand controls.

Programmable Simple Through Complex Machine Guarding Applications

Modular units and  software is capable of multiple safety device control, programmable logic control functions based on the specific device usage, such as fieldbus input/output, fieldbus probe output, 4 different types of muting, muting override, guard lock functions, memory operators, counter operations, timer operator, logical operators, and more and is downloadable from PC to the safety controller via a USB connection.

This PCU/1 main control unit is modular (available upon request) and can accept a total of 14 expansion modules, creating a  system that can have up to 128 inputs,  16 dual channel safety outputs, and 16 status outputs to handle your machine safety configurations, devices, and networks.

The Programmable  Control Unit  (PCU)  is certified up to a CAT 4 SIL CL 3 SIL 3 Ple safety level performance, and final system performance levels are dependent upon the the actual safety device capabilities, system configurations, and proper installation. 


Model: PCU Programmable Safety Controller



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