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Safey Light Curtains

Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation : Safety Light Curtains, Leading Manufacturer For US based OEMs

Tapeswitch Corporation is a leading manufacturer of B-Series Safety Light Curtains for machine guarding.

Tapeswitch B-Series Safey Light Curtains are  full-featured, microprocessor-controlled units designed for optical guarding applications. The safety light curtains are offered in B-Series safety light curtains, perimeter guards, master slave units, multiple device systems. These photoelectric barriers have special capabilities include beam blanking, flexible interface, redundant fail-safe PNP outputs, rugged one-piece extruded aluminum housing. They are a type 4 safety device in accordance with EN61496-1, CE certified and marked UL.  It is a 2-unit system that does not require a controller, easily interfaces with external devices. A wide range of sizes, resolutions, and configurations are available. 

In addition to Safety Light Curtains, Tapeswitch Corporation offers safety mats, safety edges, safety laser scanners, non-contact safety switches and  introduced a Programmable Safety Control Unit (PCU), that integrates multiple safety devices, machinery locations, and programs logic control functions for those devices for more complex and integrated machine guarding applications.

Model: B-Series Safety Light Curtains



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