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Tapeswitch: Safety Bumpers For Contact Detection

Tapeswitch Corporation


Safety Bumpers Offer Robot Equipment In-Motion Contact Detection and Emergency Shutdown Solution

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures safety bumpers as a robot contact detection and emergency shutdown. 

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures safety bumper systems for robotic equipment in-motion, contact detection, and emergency shutdown applications. Available lines include SE Series (Heavy Duty) and VB-Series (Ultra-High Impact) Bumpers and custom manufactured safety bumpers to OEM speifications.  Low power consumption solution.

Custom Manufactured Solutions For OEMS

In addition to standard sizes, Tapeswitch Custom manufactures to application specifications, to size, lengths, and covers, some covers allow for instructional text, such as “Caution”.

Simple Through Complex Robot Guarding Solutions

In addition to Safety Bumpers, Tapeswitch Corporation also offers safety mats, safety edges, safety laser scanners, safety light curtains, non-contact safety switches, and trapped key interlocks to particular machine guarding application requirements and introduced the Programmable Safety Control Unit (PCU) to integrate multiple devices, and programming of Logic Control Functions for those devices for machine guarding application requirements.

Model: SE Series, VB-Series



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