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Channel-Wrap™ (PFR)

The Zippertubing Company

Channel-Wrap™ is a wrap-around sleeve that, depending on your environment, can be manufactured from a multitude of materials and offers a variety of different kinds of closure options. The advantage of utilizing this sleeve is having the ability to wrap the sleeve around a robotic arm, a post, a railing, or any other component, and then route cables, wires, or hoses through the channels built into the closure portion of the sleeve.

These particular Channel-Wrap™ products are comprised of Zippertubing's best-in-abrasion, non-PVC, PFR-18 jacketing material that is not only extremely flexible, resistant to most fluids, meets Military Specifications, but is also flame retardant. We've also found that this material best allows many of the cables, wires, tubes or hoses to easily move within the jacketing. Channel-Wrap™ (PFR) closes using a Nylon Hook-and-Loop.

This product was originally designed for Zippertubing's own production needs. Zippertubing currently utilizes a Universal Robot brand machine in its own production environment. Once we initially set up the robot to complete a job, we realized that we could manufacture a wrap-around robot cable sleeve that would not only securely hold an air hose line, but allow the air hose to move with each of the robot's actions.

If you are in need of a robot cable management product and don't see it on our website, never fear. Zippertubing offers custom, one-off engineering capabilities that will exceed your expectations.  Whether you are looking for a simple collaborative robot cable bundling product or something that may need to handle harsher environments such as high temperatures, it may be time to contact The Zippertubing Company! 


  • Fire Retardant
  • No Tools Required
  • Non-PVC Lightweight Polyurethane Jacketing


  • Easy-to-Install and Re-enter Hook and Loop Closure
  • The Best Abrasion Properties
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • RoHS

Model: ZT17-13-003



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