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Hook-It® (MTB)

The Zippertubing Company

Hook-It® (MTB) is a fire-retardant, lightweight, abrasion resistant, PVC-coated Polyester fabric material that utilizes a cut-to-length hook and loop closure mechanism.

This particular Hook-It® product is the perfect cable or wire management solution because of its ability to be cut at any length without requiring additional sewing or heat sealing. Simply cut the product to your desired length with scissors and hold on to the rest until you need it again!

The hook and loop closure mechanism of Hook-It® (MTB) stays closed in high-flexing applications, yet is easy to re-open and re-close whenever necessary. The product is very easy to install, simply wrap your wire or cable bundle, then press the hook and loop closed for a secure covering.

Since no tooling is required for any Hook-It® product, they are ideal for general cable management applications such as those found in the home, office or even at industrial locations. Multiple wires or cables are no match for the Hook-It® product line, install them wherever they penetrate cabinets, equipment housings or internal wiring of appliances with ease. Because of its closure method, Hook-It® also allows for easy cable breakouts and transitions within your wiring harnesses.


  • Easy-to-Install Hook and Loop Closure
  • Good Abrasion Properties
  • Excellent Flexibility


  • Fire Retardant
  • -16° to 60° C (-3.2° to 140°F)

Model: ZT16-13-007



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