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Z-Wrap® (RPU)

The Zippertubing Company

Lightweight Adhesive Closed Non-PVC Reinforced White Polyurethane Jacket, 17 Mil

Z-Wrap® (RPU) is an economical, lightweight, non-PVC cable management solution that is best suited for locations where PVC materials are restricted. This product is versatile and well suited for any round, flat or custom engineered cable applications. With a high tear resistance and strong abrasion resistance properties, Zippterubing’s RPU-17 Polyurethane wire and cable jacket will far exceed your expectations.

Simply wrap the Z-Wrap® (RPU-17) around your installation, tear off the adhesive paper liner, and enjoy.

A strip of high-strength, specially-formulated Acrylic adhesive is bonded to one edge and provides a secure and flexible closure. This style of closure allows installation without the need for tooling on assemblies that do not require re-entry after the installation and where a pull through jacket is not going to work well for your specific application.

Z-Wrap® is ideal for discrete wires, wire harnesses, hoses, and other applications where flexibility, strength and abrasion protection is needed. Custom lengths, widths and closure options are available.


  • Reinforced White Polyurethane jacket
  • Excellent flexibility and abrasion protection
  • Used as a wrap-around cable management solution


  • Adhesive closure, requires no tooling
  • Resistant to many fluids, chemicals and oils
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Operational temperature range of -40° to 160°F

Model: ZT16-04-005



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