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Z flex® (PFR)

The Zippertubing Company

Extremely Flexible, Polyurethane Flat Cable Jacket, 18 Mil

Z flex® (PFR) is an economical, high-performance, heavy duty, pull-thru jacketing system for flat cables made from Zippertubing's type PFR-18. This configuration is ideal for inter-connection applications where mechanical protection is required and a sealed, flat, tubular jacket is desirable. Z flex® is supplied in reel form and is easily cut to any length required.

Z flex® (PFR) is made from a Polyurethane jacket offering exceptional toughness, resistance to abrasion and fluids, while exhibiting high flexibility throughout its wide temperature range. The jacket is ideal for use in difficult environments and for many nuclear, aerospace and military applications where PVC materials are not permitted. The PFR-18 material passes FAR-25 requirements for flammability and smoke generation.

A special "blue-line" nylon cloth leader inside the jacket is provided for fast, easy pull-through of the cable. Z flex® (PFR) is available in many standard sizes to fit the most popular flat cable sizes ranging from 20 to 64 conductors. Custom sizes and colors are also available.

Refer to Zippertubing's PFR-18 data sheet below for specific material characteristics.

Model: ZT94-10-006



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