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Zip-On® (PFR)

The Zippertubing Company

Extremely Flexible Polyurethane Jacket with Track Closure

Zip-On® (PFR) is a high performance wrap around cable management jacketing system constructed of a soft, flexible, rubber-like polymer for applications where mechanical protection, flexibility, fluid resistance or low smoke and no toxic gas generation requirements apply. This solution is exceptionally tough while exhibiting unusually high flexibility throughout its temperature range.

The Z-Track® (PFR) closure allows easy installs on in-service equipment and is constructed of poly(ether) urethane material allowing this cable and wiring jacketing system to be used in airborne and shipborne applications. Zip-On® (PFR) should be your first choice for demanding environment applications or where PVC materials are unacceptable.

This product comes in Round, Flat and Rectangle configurations and can be cut to size during installs and field retrofits. This exceptionally tough yet flexible jacketing systems is great for many different demanding environments such as nuclear, aerospace and military applications.

The Zip-On® family of cable management products are as easy to install as they are to re-open. Whether you are in the field or in the office, the convenience and functionality of Zippertubing's Zip-On® solutions will more than satisfy your cable bundling and protection needs. These products are available in a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

Any of the Zip-On® pressure tracks are easy to install on your application thanks to the available plier and slider tools. The plier tools are great for long cable runs, while the slider tools are better for those shorter cable runs.

Refer to Zippertubing's PFR data sheet below for specific material characteristics.

Model: ZT99-16-039



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