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Zip-Wrap® (ALP-500)

The Zippertubing Company

Zip-Wrap® (ALP-500) is a complete 360° wire, cable, hose or pipe management system. This product not only provides excellent heat-reflective protection but outstanding abrasion protection as well. The ALP-500 jacketing material is a medium-weight, Polyurethane-coated fiberglass fabric with a heat-reflective aluminum foil surface on outer side.

This product is intended for continuous high-temperature applications up to 350°F (176°C) and below freezing temperatures down to -58°F (-50°C).

Because of its overlap flap, this product is great for those who are looking for a heat-wrap system that will withstand the heat, ensure the wrap doesn't open unnecessarily at any time and provides outstanding abrasion protection. The Zip-Wrap® (ALP-500) is ideal for anyone who wishes to re-open the product at a later date without the need for any special tools.

Looking for a product that can withstand the heat? Look no further, the Zip-Wrap® (ALP-500) is the perfect choice for your specific application. This self-extinguishing, heat-reflective, zipper and hook-and-loop closure product is available in many different diameters and lengths.

Zip-Wrap® (ALP-500) is a fully customizable heat-reflective cable management system that is perfect the Automotive industry.


  • A complete 360° heat-reflective barrier
  • Operational temperature range of -58° to 350°F
  • Many different diameters and lengths available
  • Self-Extinguishing, Polyurethane-coated fiberglass


  • Requires NO disconnection of your wires or cables
  • Outstanding thermal barrier and abrasion-covering properties
  • Easy installation and re-entry whenever necessary
  • Simply zip and close, absolutely no tools required

Model: ZT16-07-005



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