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Kinetiq Teaching

Yaskawa Motoman

Kinetiq Teaching is an innovative new product that enables job shops to easily implement robotic welding with simplified teaching and reduced set-up times by allowing operators to guide the robot by hand to desired weld positions. An icon-based menu is presented on the teach pendant’s color touch screen to allow the operator to define the task. Programming time is greatly reduced with the more intuitive manual positioning. The Graphic User Interface allows robot programming to be performed with minimal training. Kinetiq Teaching is designed to leverage the knowledge of welders. It enables them to move the robot welder with their hands and intuitively program welding paths by using a dedicated user-friendly teach pendant interface. No in-depth programming knowledge is required. Major challenges of robotic welding in manufacturing are related to the shortage of available welders and the difficulty of achieving a compelling ROI for smaller companies. Kinetiq Teaching changes the equation, and manufacturing companies will be able to automate welding jobs by using only their in-house welding expertise. It opens the door to robotic welding at small and medium manufacturers, with high-mix and low-volume welding. With Kinetiq Teaching, the welder moves the robotic welding tip next to a workpiece by physically hand-guiding the robot. Once the welding point is reached, the welder determines the welding parameters through a touch screen interface. After all the points are recorded, the welder can playback the programmed trajectory and modify it on-the-fly. By doing so, experienced welders will be able to set welding jobs and oversee the productivity of more than one robotic welder at a time, or train less skilled operators to program the welding robot and act as a technical adviser and a quality assurance resource. Click here for more information.



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