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Digitally Controlled High Performance Manipulators

Vulcan Engineering Co.

Vulcan’s new Digital Series Action® Manipulator offers the latest technology for material handling applications. In Foundry applications, this machine is typically used at the shakeout to move castings to overhead conveyors or pallet boxes and can be used in forging applications to load and unload furnaces, and tend presses.

Action® Manipulators have undergone a major evolution, driven by reliability, maintainability, efficiency and cost of ownership. At every turn, we have minimized the component count, maximizing commonality and availability, and ensuring ease of maintenance.

The new control design has been engineered with the hand control as the primary user interface. The hand control is instantly intuitive as the operator’s hand motion directly corresponds to the boom motion. An intuitive, user-friendly HMI provides real information during normal operation as well as error/alarm events for improved ease of use.

This new design offers the latest technology in mechanical and hydraulic components, and incorporates industry-standard digital controls that are open, customizable, and expandable with no proprietary components.

Model: Action® Digitally Controlled Manipulator 380i



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