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Spray Systems, Automated

Wolf Robotics, A Lincoln Electric Company

Wolf Robotics offers floor & shelf mounted robotic spray solutions for die cast machines of all sizes. Robotic spray systems can be optimized through the use of a custom spray manifold. Wolf's automated spray solutions can lower your production cost and reduce cycle times, while providing the ability to manufacture value-added products. Wolf also offers a line of automated reciprocators to meet your spraying needs.

Wolf's line of forging spray equipment extends die life & increases throughput. In addition to spray equipment, Wolf also provides material handling, machine tending, and part finishing automation for the forging industry. Contact Wolf Robotics today for more information.

Robotic Spray Systems
  • Precision Spray - Designed for small die cast machines(400-600 ton).
  • High Volume Spray - Designed for quick cooling of large die cast machines. Reduces scrap & soldering problems.
  • ProSpray - 2 zone manifold system for great precision in spray &air blow off. 4 Proportional valves allow for independent pressure & volume control.
Learn More About Wolf Robotics Spray Products
  • Die Cast Spray Systems
  • Spray Manifolds
  • Reciprocators - Foundry & Die Cast
  • Spray Nozzles - Foundry & Die Cast
  • Spray Guns - Foundry & Die Cast
  • Spray Accessories - Foundry & Die Cast
  • Reciprocators - Forging
  • Spray Nozzles - Forging
  • Spray Guns - Forging
  • Spray Accessories - Forging

Model: Precision Spray, ProSpray, High Volume Spray



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