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ArcWorld IV-6000SL Series

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The ArcWorld® IV-6200SL “slim line” welding solution features dual MA1400 “Master Arc” welding robots with multiple robot control, a high-speed trunnion positioner, integrated welding package, operator interface and a total safety environment. The MRM2-250M3XSL and MRM2-750M3XSL positioners feature the fastest indexing time in their class. They are available with 250 kg (551.3 lb) or 750 kg (1,653.8 lb) payloads. The 250 kg payload version indexes in 1.75 seconds; the 750 kg payload version indexes in 2.5 seconds. The slim line positioner, a redesign of an existing positioner, reduces floorspace. The width of the positioner/workcell is only 1 meter wider than the fixture span. Because the positioner can be serviced from the front of the workcell, additional space can be saved by placing cells next to each other without aisles. The positioners utilize the MotoMountTM fixture mounting system. This patented design eliminates stresses from poor fixture alignment from being transferred into the bearings or servo drives. MotoMount also provides a horizontal mounting surface with locating pins for easier fixture changeover.

Model: AWIV-6000SL, AWIV-6200SL, AWIV-6300SL



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