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AutoSorter III Specimen Processing Instrument

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Motoman’s AutoSorter™ III is a compact, fully integrated pre- and post-analytic specimen processing instrument that is ideal for hospital and medical center laboratory environments. Designed to improve processing accuracy and relieve laboratory staff of repetitive tasks, AutoSorter III provides fast, accurate and reliable specimen sorting, centrifugation and decapping. AutoSorter III permits use of a wide variety of specimen tube configurations and instrument racks. It may be used as a stand-alone workcell for specimen processing or may be connected to a track system for direct transfer of specimens to and from diagnostic instruments. It also consolidates post-analytic specimens and creates inventory files for archive consolidation. Motoman provides automated clinical laboratory specimen processing for sorting; aliquoting, decapping/recapping; thawing/mixing; centrifugation; and archive storage and retrieval. AutoSorter solutions can be customized to develop unique work cells to meet each laboratory’s unique specimen processing needs.

Model: AutoSorter III™



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