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DX1350D Robot

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The high-rigidity, six-axis Motoman DX1350D robot is optimized for material removal, deburring, and part finishing applications like grinding and sanding that require high-quality processing in difficult conditions. The inherent stiffness and rigidity in DX1350D robot’s design allow it to be used to move the process tool to the part or to manipulate the part for processing by a stationary tool. Small and lightweight (275 kg/606.4 lbs.), the DX1350D robot can be floor- or ceiling-mounted to provide layout flexibility. It features a wide working envelope, in addition to the fastest speed and highest wrist torque rating in its class. The six-axis DX1350D features a 35 kg (77.2 lb.) payload, with a 1,355 mm (53.35”) maximum horizontal reach, and ±0.06 mm (0.002”) repeatability. The standard DX1350D wrist has an IP67 rating for particle and immersion resistance, with options to meet even more stringent IP classifications. DX1350D robots are controlled by the Motoman DX100 robot controller.

Model: DX1350D



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