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DX200 Robot Controller

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The new DX200 controller builds on the capabilities of the DX100 controller, including control of up to eight robots (72 axes), award-winning ergonomic teach pendant, built-in PLC cell control capability and optimized path and process control capability. The energy-saving DX200 features faster processing speeds, enhanced control-reliable safety and improved maintainability. These advanced control functions take advantage of Yaskawa’s new Sigma V motor technology to optimize acceleration characteristics and reduce cycle time. Depending on application and robot size, the DX200 conserves power consumption by as much as 38-70 percent over previous generation robots/controls. Additionally, a static load reduction function reduces motor torque by 10 percent when the robot maintains a static position (patent pending). The DX200 also conserves power during robot idle time by idling motors and fans, providing up to 25 percent energy savings. An enhanced Functional Safety Unit (FSU) provides control-reliable zone and tool position monitoring, standstill monitoring and speed limiting.



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