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MH180/MH225 Handling Robots

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The new MH180 and MH225 are powerful six-axis robots that feature high-rigidity speed reducers and high-speed motion to reduce cycle times. Both models feature an increased payload capacity, as well as increased speed of axis over previous models. The high payload and increased moment and inertia ratings allow these robots to handle larger and heavier payloads, making them ideal for use in material handling, machine tending and press tending applications.

A new streamlined upper arm design includes a slim wrist profile and reduces the robot width by over 200 mm. This allows easier reach into confined spaces, improving application flexibility. These robots also have a new base design that reduces the robot interference radius to only 515 mm, which is the lowest in their class. This allows the robots to be mounted closer to machines and fixtures, making the best use of valuable floor space.

These models feature a new optimized design that removes the counterbalance from the robot base. This reduces the mass of the arm, enabling higher acceleration, deceleration and speed. The required mounting surface is reduced by nearly forty percent, saving floor space and making the robot easier to apply.

The MH180 and MH225 robots are energy efficient, using up to seventy percent less power consumption during motion and offering a twenty-five percent savings during idle periods compared to previous models.

Cables and air lines are routed through the robot base to the upper arm, increasing cable life, enhancing safety and reducing teaching time. A cable installation tube in the base of the robots facilitates fieldbus routing to the upper arm and/or gripper. They are pre-wired for a servo gripper, which allows for a wider range of product handling.

Both models are compatible with the new DX200 controller. Spot welding versions of these robots are also offered with 165 kg and 210 kg payload capacities (MS165/MS210). 



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