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MPK50 Robot

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The new 4-axis MPK50 robot with dynamic, next-generation DX100 controller offers superior performance and reliability in a wide variety of packing applications. The MPK50 robot features a 50 kg (110.3 lb) payload and a wide 360-degree work envelope, combined with best-in-class motion, speed and wrist ratings. A slim manipulator design enables it to reach into confined spaces, reducing cycle time and improving system productivity. The flexible, high-speed MPK50 robot has a 1,668 mm (65.7") vertical reach, 1,997 mm (78.6") horizontal reach, and ±0.5 mm (0.02”) repeatability. Only 1,014.5 mm (39.9”) wide, the streamlined MPK50 can work in close proximity with other equipment. An existing internal pathway facilitates addition of a fieldbus cable for DeviceNet gripper control. The robot arm is rated IP54 with an IP67 wrist; an IP65-rated body is available as an option. An optional, easy-to-use vision system allows the MPK50 to handle a wide variety of randomly oriented product. The MPK50 robot is compatible with the DX100 controller and the MLX100 Robot Gateway.

Model: MPK50



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