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MPL-Series Palletizing Robots

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Designed specifically for palletizing, MPL-series robots are available in 80-, 100-, 160-, 300- and 500-kg payload models for a wide range of applications. These high-performance palletizing robots offer the highest allowable wrist moment of inertia ratings. The four-axis, higher-payload MPL-series models feature a large reach and wide 360-degree envelope. These robots include a path for the installation of a fieldbus cable to allow control of the robot tool using DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet I/P or other device level network. This unique design culminates in a hollow wrist that provides high reliability for cables and hoses that are traditionally a maintenance problem for industrial robots. The smaller five-axis MPL80 model is ideal for end-of-line palletizing solutions that require a smaller footprint. The design of the MPL robots eliminates interference zones within the work envelope. Fast axial speeds reduce cycle time and increase production output. The economical MPL models provide the advantages of high-speed, high-performance palletizing combined with a slim wrist and compact design.

Models: MPL80 II, MPL100 II, MPL160 II, MPL300 II, MPL500

Model: MPL80 II - MPL500



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