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MS-Series Spot Welding Robots

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The new high-speed MS165 and MS210 robots are 20% faster overall than previous ES-series robots. The use of a gas spring and Sigma-5 motor technology result in a lighter weight and a reduced-profile design to allow higher robot density around a car body or a smaller workcell for Tier 1 applications. The MS-series robots use the new DX200 robot controller, which is more energy-efficient and includes several features that optimize robot and servo spot gun performance.

The MS-series also includes the new MS100 and MS80W II robot models. These robots are designed to take advantage of lighter weight Mid-Frequency Direct Current (MFDC) spot guns. They are more compact than traditional spot robots to allow for higher robot density in a workcell or around a car body. These arms are up to 30% faster than traditional size spot welding robots.

The six-axis MS165 and MS210 models feature increased payloads of 165 kg and 210 kg respectively. Both models have a 2,702 mm reach with a repeatability of ±0.2 mm. The MS100 and MS80W II have payloads of 100 kg and 80 kg. Both robots have a reach of 2,236 mm and repeatability of ± 0.07 mm. The high-speed spot and ARM (Advanced Robot Motion) control functions can provide up to 35 percent cycle time reduction and improve quality by providing consistent electrode force with optimum arm and gun motion control.

DX200 Models: MS80W II, MS100 II, MS165, MS210

DX100 Models: MS80W, MS100

Model: MS80W, MS100, MS165, MS210



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