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MYS-Series Robots

Yaskawa America, Inc.

MYS-Series (Yaskawa SCARA) robots are high-speed, high-precision models that are ideal for small-payload, vertical motion mechanical assembly; case packing; packaging; kitting, and life science applications. MYS-series models are available with a range of payloads (6-20 kg), reaches (450-1,000 mm), Z-axis strokes (180-420 mm), and speeds to suit a wide variety of application needs. These compact, economical four-axis SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robots share the same programming language and controller as other Motoman robots with six or more axes. They can easily work next to larger Motoman models, and offer the same robust capabilities -- including an extensive array of hardware and software options, external axis capabilities, vision system integration, etc. -- with a smaller footprint. All MYS-Series robots are controlled by the FS100 robot controller. Designed for packaging, small parts handling and assembly applications, the FS100 has the performance required for high speed, discrete operations. Its open software architecture enables OEMs, machine builders and system integrators to develop their own customized software solutions. Intended for Motoman® robots with payloads of 20 kg and under.

Model: MYS450, -450F, -650L, -650LF, -850L, -1000, -1000F



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