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MotoPick Software

Yaskawa America, Inc.

MotoPick™ is a highly advanced, user-friendly software solution that empowers operators to quickly develop custom applications to achieve critical cycle rates for high-speed picking applications. The MotoPick package provides building blocks to create optimal solutions for up to ten robots and eleven conveyors. This powerful software can synchronize multiple robots equipped with vision to pick fast moving product off a conveyor and place it on an outfeed tray or box in an organized arrangement. It also offers pattern-based distribution of product and dynamic load balancing among multiple robots.

MotoPick precisely controls the conveyor speed. If the advancement of the outfeed tray falls behind, the infeed conveyor speed can be automatically decreased and even stopped until the tray is in a packing zone. Additionally, the opposite case is supported when the outfeed conveyor speed can be decreased or stopped when the infeed parts have not arrived yet.

A robot interface board, developed specifically for MotoPick, greatly reduces the integration wiring and panel real estate required for a multiple robot cell. The robot interface board replaces the three standard breakout boards required for each robot to interface safety I/O, dedicated I/O and standard I/O. The board also provides connections for a camera and two encoders.





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