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MotoSight 2D Pendant-Based Vision Software

Yaskawa America, Inc.

MotoSight 2D, a powerful 2D vision application, easily adds vision to a Motoman robot. It features a Cognex In-Sight Micro® camera and Motoman’s Pendant Vision application software. Pendant Vision enables users to view images captured by the camera, as well as see information about camera status, including pass/fail, on-line status and the current vision program. Users can also change and select vision programs and view graphic overlays on the captured images. With MotoSight 2D, there is no reason to get your laptop out to train a new part; the training feature allows users to train a new part directly from the pendant. In addition, the vision system can be adjusted using a simple calibration target by placing it in the camera’s field of view. MotoSight 2D can be added to Motoman’s DX100 and NX100 robot controllers. Base line programs are provided for both controllers to reduce the setup and configuration time of the system. The robot and camera programs can then be used to modify an application and customize individual solutions.

Model: MotoSight 2D



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