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RobotPro DX

Yaskawa America, Inc.

RobotPro® DX, designed exclusively for use with Motoman robots, provides a comprehensive PC-based expert system for performing robot preventive maintenance, alarm-code troubleshooting and repair procedures. This version software is specific to robot models that use the Motoman DX200 or DX100 controller. It runs in a Windows® 2000 or XP environment on an IBM-compatible PC. RobotPro DX is split into three parts: procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting -- sold individually or together as a suite. RobotPro DX includes descriptive test and repair procedures with illustrative graphics. It provides a preventive maintenance schedule with links to procedures. The schedule can be exported to your plant’s own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems. RobotPro DX also includes interactive troubleshooting and diagnostic information for over 300 alarm codes. It helps to pinpoint the cause of an alarm and then prompts the user through the steps necessary to correct it, minimizing robot downtime. For repair procedures, RobotPro DX includes step-by-step instructions, photographs, drawings and schematics for motor replacement, lubrication, servo pack replacement and fuse replacement. It also includes wiring diagrams, exploded parts views, part numbers, and spare parts lists. RobotPro DX software is tailored to each robot model and structured in a user-friendly format. When installed on a lap-top computer, it is portable, providing readily accessible information, even at the robot work station.



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