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O3D Industrial Smart Sensor

ifm Efector Inc.

ifm introduces the new O3D Smart Sensor for industrial applications. The O3D Smart Sensor is a unique industrial 3D imaging solution that enables automated machines to perceive their environment in 3D, with human-like vision.

Robust and reliable, the O3D Smart Sensor is color independent and lighting independent (unaffected by changes in lighting conditions in applications), for reliability in all environments. Easy to use, the O3D Smart Sensor ensures quick setup and simple configuration.

The O3D Smart Sensor has two pre-built applications on board. These applications share output data with a PLC via Ethernet or 24v signals.

• The Case Completeness application is designed to verify that a case contains all the necessary products. It ensures that all contents are properly placed in the case, eliminating the potential for short shipments and damaged products.

• The Box Dimensioning application confirms sequencing of products for mixed-case palletizing and sized-based sortation, preventing crashes and delays. The O3D Smart Sensor dimensions boxes and cases to an accuracy of ± 10mm. 

New applications to decrease cycle time, including palletizing, depalletizing and pallet fork pocket protection solutions are in development and coming soon!

Available at the low price of $1250, the O3D Smart Sensor is the best 3D industrial imaging value on the market.



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