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iglide® plastic bushings

igus Inc.

iglide® plastic bushings are made from with reinforced fibers and solid lubricants. They have been tested and proven millions of times in many different environments and applications. igus® engineers develop more than 100 new plastic compounds each year, which are tested in plastic plain bearing form in more than 5,000 experiments annually. Over the years, igus® has used the resulting test data to build up a comprehensive database on the tribological properties of its plastics. Today, this database makes it possible for us to judge most applications straight off and assess the expected service life of a plastic bushings in a specific application. Our experience brings with it peace of mind for our customers. Fit and forget Based on the results of several thousand empirical tests, we are able to provide reliable information about the service life of iglide® plastic bushings in almost any application. Our test data also enables us to recommend the most suitable plastic plain bearing shaft material. Top quality materials for injection molding No other base material is comparable to thermoplastics in terms of their capabilities. Plastic bushings can be injection molded with lubricants and fiber reinforced. Different plastic blends will cause a plain bearing to act differently, particularly when it comes to friction and wear behavior. Plastic bushings last longer and cost less igus® develops plastic bushing materials that fulfill the maintenance-free requirements of today's design engineers, namely: - Plastic bushings capable of withstanding high loads - Plastic bushings with a low coefficient of friction - Plastic bushings with guaranteed wear resistance iglide® plastic bushing design Any disadvantages of plastics can be substantially reduced by material development and plain bearing design. For example, iglide® plastic bushings are thin-walled. Some iglide® materials feature particularly high heat conductivity. In combination, these factors facilitate rapid heat flow and directly enhance the load capacity of the plastic bushing. General features of iglide® plastic bushings - Maintenance-free - Lubrication-free - Corrosion resistant - Dirt resistant - High precision - High compressive strength - Good heat conductivity - Low 'creeping' tendency - Vibration dampening



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