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Reis Welding Robots

Reis Robotics USA, Inc.

REIS ROBOTICS opens up the market for material processing with high performance and precise welding robots. Reis has knowledge and experience in all conventional weld processes. The technology and concept of the robots is ideal for the use of the following welding processes: MIG, MAG, TIG, PLASMA, RESISTANCE, FRICTION, PTA, AND LASER. Besides the total installation and process know-how REIS Robotics also delivers the individual process components such as welding power source, torch system, positioners or fixtures. Besides the simple signal interface of all system elements, of greater importance is the ability to maximize the function of the weld parameters such as weld current, voltage, wire feed and gas mixture. In this situation REIS Robotics gives excellent customer support and makes a complete automated turnkey solution for the customer. In close cooperation with the customer our own experts and system partners select the system components for the given application and guarantee process safety.



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