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Safety Switches: PSEN

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

PSEN sensors from Pilz protect man and machine in compliance with the standards. PSENmech mechanical safety switches with guard locking ensure that the safety gate is interlocked (guard locking) until the hazardous production process is complete. They can also prevent production from being interrupted as a result of unauthorized access. PSENmag switches can be used in applications in which the risk analysis specifies a high category, where there is heavy soiling and where strict hygiene regulations need to be met. In applications in which it is difficult to align the gates accurately, where machine gates are subject to a high level of vibration and where large tolerances are required on start up - PSENmag switches are the right choice. With PSENcode, protection against manipulation is built into the switch: The safety switch and actuator work together in such a way that the enable from the safety device is only triggered if the actuating element is within the switch’s response range and the code number on the actuator matches that of the switch.



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