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Robotic Tool Changer

ATI Industrial Automation

The Robotic Tool Changer from ATI Industrial Automation provides flexibility to robot applications by allowing the robot to change end-effectors (e.g. grippers, vacuum cup tooling, pneumatic and electric motors, weld guns, etc.) automatically. These tool changers are designed to function reliably for millions of cycles at rated load while maintaining extremely high repeatability. For this reason, the ATI Tool Changer has become the number-one tool changer of choice around the world. ATI Tool Changer models cover a wide range of applications, from very small payloads to heavy payload applications requiring significantly large moment capacity.

The ATI Tool Changer consists of a Master plate and a Tool plate. The Master plate, installed on the robot arm, locks to the Tool plate with a pneumatically-driven locking mechanism. This locking mechanism uses a patented, double-tapered piston with ball locking technology and a patented fail-safe mechanism. The Master allows for the passage of pneumatic and electrical connections to the Tool plate.



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