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TOUGH LOCK™ Contact Tip System


To reduce downtime and lower costs for consumable changeover, Tregaskiss offers its patented TOUGH LOCK™ Contact Tip System. Compatible with both semi-automatic and robotic TOUGH GUN™ MIG Guns, the TOUGH LOCK system acts as a Common Consumable Platform to help minimize inventory for companies that manage both manual and automated welding operations. Tregaskiss’ TOUGH LOCK Contact Tips are precision-machined to ensure exact tolerances and a superior bore finish that supports consistent welding quality and performance. Featuring a dual-lead thread design, the tips can be rotated 180 degrees to create a new wear position and extend tip life. The TOUGH LOCK Contact Tips also operate at cooler temperatures than many competitive tips, reducing wear and minimizing downtime for changeover. The accompanying TOUGH LOCK Retaining Head features a tapered design that locks the contact tip securely in place and keeps it centered to ensure positive electrical conductivity, good heat dissipation and consistent weld quality. Tregaskiss offers multiple styles of contact tips to help further customize the TOUGH LOCK System, including SURESTART™ Tips, which reduce arc start failures up to 50 percent. Heavy duty, extra heavy duty, standard duty and heavy duty extended life (chrome-zirconium) contact tips are also available.



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