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IRB 6640

ABB Inc.

IRB 6640 is the perfect robot for various applications focusing on high production capacity. The payload, 235 kg, makes the robot suitable for many heavy material handling applications. The payload for IRB 6640ID (internal Dressing) is 200 kg which meets the requirements from the heaviest spot welding applications. IRB 6640 runs the second generation of TrueMove and QuickMove. This gives the robot more accurate motions, which, in the end, means less time for programming as well as better process result. Several new features, such as simplified fork lift pockets and more space in the robot foot. gives easy maintenance. Almost 400 kg lower weight simplifies installation. Available options for different working environments are Foundry Plus, Foundry Prime & Clean Room. The ABB clean room robots are manufactured under special production procedures and thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. IRB 6640 has been certified by IPA, leading institute in clean room industry.

Model: IRB 6640



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