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Electromechanical Cylinder

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Designed to provide high-thrust and speed capability in applications traditionally using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, the Electromechanical Cylinder EMC contains a precision-rolled ball screw actuator and stainless steel thrust rod to achieve high positioning accuracy and repeatability while eliminating stick-slip effect. The low-maintenance drives are highly efficient, using energy on demand—thereby reducing energy costs and offering an environmentally friendly alternative versus more traditional solutions. (Fluid power systems, for example, generally require continuous power to maintain operating pressure.) The broad EMC product range offers stroke lengths up to 1500 mm, thrust forces up to 21000 N, and speed capabilities up to 1.6 m/sec, letting users specify the perfect combination of positioning accuracy, axial thrust power, torque and speed for a given application. An online EMC configurator makes it easy to configure, select and specify the appropriate EMC, and an industry-best lead time of three weeks shortens delivery and installation time.



Model: EMC



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