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SAS Semi-Automatic Tool Changer

Piab, Robotic Gripping

SAS Automation recently introduced a new Semi-Automatic Tool Changer for accurate, repeatable mounting of robotic end-of-arm tooling. The purpose of any tool changer is to quickly mount a tool to the robot’s arm. This new SAS Semi-Automatic Tool Changer manages EOAT changes with both amazing speed and accuracy. The SAS tool changer automatically connects multiple ports including air, vacuum, and electric, thereby, greatly reducing set-up time. Reliable port connection provides additional safety ensuring that all connections are aligned correctly.

Built from modular construction, this tool changer couples air and vacuum lines automatically to the robot side. The QSA 150T is for heavy duty applications. Made of lightweight aluminum with durable steel locaters, the QSA 150T has Allowable Maximum Loading of 200 lbs. Each tool supplies 10 pneumatic connections.

“This new Semi-Automatic Tool Changer is a faster, safer and more accurate tool changer and a better overall system for managing tools in a fast paced environment,” said Rob Dalton, General Manager for SAS Automation.

Model: QSA 150T



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