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SAS Hybrid

Piab, Robotic Gripping

SAS Automation recently introduced new Hybrid “HX” End Effectors for 5+ Axis Robots, made exclusively with the newly developed SAS HX hybrid frame profiles and modular off the shelf gripper components. This new HX End Effector is specifically designed for increased flexibility, offering an optimal “hybrid” design that includes the benefits of tubular frame adjustability as well as extruded channel frame profile rigidity. Robotic production use includes long reach boom press tending applications or heavy-duty material handling.

Significant features and benefits:

  1. Direct side channel mounting of standard SAS gripper component hardware, eliminating rotation or twist problems.
  2. Modular design allows for side mounting or circumference component or connector clamping, offering added compatibility to other brands and types of systems.
  3. Available with compliant oil resistant vacuum cups with hold down clamps to secure parts even when system fails.
  4. Available in sizes of 40mm and 60mm OD, (HX-40/HX-60).
  5. Center hole can be tapped to accommodate an M8 sized screw for connection of end plates/caps, connectors, etc.

Ideal for high-speed, heavy weight, or press tending applications – especially when gripping from a flat steel stack to load the stamping die to a formed part removal mode.

“The HX’s flexibility and adjustability allows for better routing of pneumatic hoses and electrical sensor wires to grippers and suction cups as well as many other necessary applications,” said Trent Fisher, President of SAS Automation. “It’s interchangeability with all of SAS’s modular EOAT line of components makes this one of our premier profiles,” he added.



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