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Comau Robot Family

Comau LLC

Comau Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots, robotized processes and integrated robotic solutions.  Comau offers a wide range of innovative articulated and scara robots, covering a large number of models that are perfect for handling, spot welding, arc welding, press-shop automation, palletizing, assembling, sealing, machine tending and many other applications. Technologically advanced, reliable, flexible, and specifically tailored to our customers’ needs, Comau Robotics guarantees optimal performance across the entire robot range, robotized cells and process-integrated solutions.  We also ensure prompt and flexible after-sales services. Our highly qualified and skilled team guides and assists customers for training, immediate intervention or scheduled maintenance.

All our robots are characterized by high performance in terms of speed, repeatability, accuracy and flexibility.  Product range extends from 3kg payload robots to the massive capacity of 650 kg.  Each robot model is designed with a reduced footprint, large work envelope, highly precise movements and positioning, great reliability and low maintenance costs.



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