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piGRIP® Bag Lips


Piab’s new piGRIP® bag lips have been developed to handle bags and pouches much better than any other available suction cup on the market, including Piab’s own silicone and PU bag cups. We are happy to inform that both internal tests and customer field tests have proven that we have reached the goal, clearly an outstanding cup+lip for bag handling purposes. The special lip design in combination with the rigid and strong piGRIP® bellows/body allows for bag handling speeds and accelerations never used before in automation equipment for bags. Besides regular plastic bags for dry food (e.g. chips), the new piGRIP bag lips have been designed to have an excellent grip on stand-up-pouches filled with liquid or dry/wet food/substances. The size 3 bag lip BG48S50 has a maximum outer diameter of 48 mm/1.89" and will suit medium size bags/pouches. In some situations it can be good to use a few cups on a bag to get the best grip and stability. Piab has chosen a lip material in a liquid filling and FDA approved silicone, 50° shore A to get optimal properties. The color of the lips is blue. Please notice that this material is not recyclable/usable as all other piGRIP parts made of TPE. The bag lip can be combined with a flat, 1-bellows or 3-bellows piGRIP® cup as well as all fittings. However, it is recommended to use a fitting with a thread that offers at least a decent vacuum flow, in order to get maximum performance from the cup when lifting a bag.



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